Building & Zoning

The Building and Zoning Department is responsible for community development, village planning, and zoning regulation. Other staff functions involve public hearings for zoning amendments, variances, special use permits, along with subdivision platting and city mapping.

Economic Development

The office of Economic Development is primarily responsible for the identification, development, and implementation of a program designed to attract commercial and retail business to the Village, as well as to promote and foster the success and expansion of the Village’s existing businesses.

Finance Department

Every year the Village, by law, has to submit its revenue and expenditure transactions that occurred in the prior fiscal year to an independent auditor. The annual comprehensive financial report for the most recent completed fiscal year is below:

The Village is also pleased to present the popular annual financial report (PAFR). This summary report is designed as a brief overview for residents and readers on the Village’s financial status and activities, as well as general information about the Village itself.

Parks & Recreation

Our mission at the Village of Volo Parks and Recreation Department is to enhance the quality of life for residents and members of surrounding communities by providing educational and recreational activities for all generations to enjoy

Police & Fire

Find out who to contact in case of an emergency and who to contact if it is not an emergency.

Public Works

The Public Works Department plans and supervises all public infrastructure improvements such as street, alley and sidewalk repairs, and water and sewer projects. The department also maintains public properties, including buildings, parkway trees and streetlights, and manages solid waste collection and traffic flow.

Find helpful documents related to Stormwater Management in Volo.

Prevailing Wage Ordinance

Click here to view information regarding the Village's prevailing wage ordinance.

The Annual 2022 Village of Volo Drinking Water Quality Report can be found here.

The Village of Volo needs a sustainable water supply. Continued use of ground water from aquifers is not a viable long-term source of water for the Village of Volo. Studies show that the current and future demand on the aquifers is not sustainable.


The Village of Volo operates under the Board-Administrator form of government. This form of government combines the leadership and policy-making skills of elected officials with the professional administrative training of the Village Administrator.