Comprehensive Plan: Statement of Purpose

The fundamental purpose of this document is to provide a statement of the Community’s goals, objectives and policies for future land use within the Village and the unincorporated areas generally within one and one-half miles of the Village, and to assist Village officials, developers and others involved in the decision-making process. The Comprehensive Plan serves as a policy guide for the location of future land uses and acts as the basis for municipal decisions involving annexations, zoning amendments, subdivision approvals, and other jurisdictional requests by developers and land owners.


The objectives of the Plan are:
  • To act as a basis for resource management decisions by Village Officials
  • To ensure that development within the Village and the surrounding unincorporated area takes place in an orderly and complementary fashion
  • To ensure that the necessary issues are considered and facilities are provided to accommodate future development
The plan is advisory rather than prescriptive in nature. It is not a regulatory document used to control the exact nature of development on individual lots. That function is performed by other Village documents such as the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances.

This Comprehensive Plan contains 2 primary components, the Future Land Use Map, and the Statement of Goals, Objectives and Policies. The 2003 Future Land Use Map was updated to reflect existing conditions and current policies for future land use. The 2003 Goals, Objectives and Policies were updated and expanded. In many ways this Comprehensive Plan Update is a reaffirmation of the 2003 plan providing policies for a balanced community comprised of residential, commercial, and employment opportunities and supporting public and quasi-public facilities to support the needs of its residents.


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