2023 Cart Exchange Program

The Cart Exchange Program takes place once a year with sign-up starting in February and allows residents to change the size* of their garbage and recycling carts.  Residents can request a smaller garbage cart and/or a larger recycling cart.  Available cart sizes and current monthly charges are listed below:

     Garbage Carts

       - 95-gallon - $24.00 per month
       - 65-gallon - $22.25 per month
       - 35-gallon - $20.50 per month

     Recycling Carts

       - 95-gallon - FREE UPGRADE

Recycle First, Trash Last

The Village encourages residents to take advantage of the FREE UPGRADE to a 95-gallon recycling cart and recycle all bottles, cans, and paper (recycling guidelines).  A 95-gallon recycling cart takes up the same space as a 65-gallon recycling cart, it's just a little taller.  Residents that upgrade to a larger recycling cart usually generate less garbage, allowing them to reduce the size of their garbage cart and save money on their monthly utility bill.

*This exchange is for cart size changes ONLY.  We will not swap carts for the same size.  If your cart is damaged, you are encouraged to call Village Hall at (847) 740-6982 to arrange for a repair.


Registration for the Cart Exchange Program will take place between February 1st and March 15th, 2023.  All requests must be submitted by 4pm Tuesday, March 15th, 2023.


(2023 sign-up available February 1st)

Carts will be exchanged in April and the new monthly charge will take effect in May.  For more information, please contact Village Hall at (847) 740-6982.