Administrative Adjudication

On 9/15/2020 the Village Board adopted Ordinance O-20-11 amending the Village of Volo Municipal Code creating the Administrative Adjudication process.

This Administrative Hearing process is a form of a court diversion program, which allows for the expedient, independent and impartial adjudication of municipal ordinance violations that were previously heard only in the Lake County Circuit Court.

An Administrative Hearing is not as complex as a judicial court proceeding and is more time and cost effective for both parties. While the strict and often complex rules of evidence and procedure are not applicable, hearings still follow a basic structure to ensure fairness and due process of law.

Under this system, an Administrative Hearing Officer hears cases. The hearing officer is not a Village employee, but rather an impartial, licensed Illinois attorney, who must meet strict State requirements to serve in this capacity. 

Hearings are held at Village Hall on the third Wednesday of the month at 10:30 AM.

Administrative Adjudication Brochure and Forms