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On Tuesday, March 1st, the Village Board, by a vote of 5 - 0, approved Ordinance No. O-22-03, granting preliminary and final subdivision and planned unit development approvals for Redwood Volo.

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Village Board Approval

On Tuesday, March 1st, the Village Board will consider granting preliminary and final subdivision and planned unit development approvals for Redwood Volo.  The Planning & Zoning Commission unanimously (6 - 0) recommended approval at the conclusion of the public hearing held on February 22nd.

The Village Board meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room at Village Hall.

Approval Ordinance

Public Hearing

On Tuesday, February 22nd, the Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on Redwood's application for preliminary and final subdivision and planned unit development approvals in connection with the proposed development of ±32.5 acres at the southwest corner of Gilmer Road and Ellis Drive with 132 for-rent, single-family attached dwelling units (townhomes) and a leasing center.

The public hearing will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the auditorium of Plumbers Local Union 130, which is located at 31855 N US Highway 12, Volo, IL 60073.

The notice was published in the Daily Herald on February 1, 2022 and mailed to all taxpayers of record within 500' of the subject property.  Signs were also posted on the property.

Planning & Zoning Commission Materials

The following materials have been provided to the Planning & Zoning Commission in conjunction with the public hearing for Redwood Volo:

About the Petitioner

Redwood ( is a development and property management company based in Independence, OH.  They build, own, and manage single-story apartment homes (townhomes) in a neighborhood setting.

Redwood owns and manages 13,000+ units in over 100 neighborhoods throughout Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  Redwood Volo will be one of their first neighborhoods in Illinois.

About the Property

Redwood is under contract to purchase ±32.25 acres of the ±87.5 acres located on the west side of Gilmer Road at Ellis Drive.  The property is owned by Volo Partners LLC, who acquired the property in 2015.

In 2018, the Village Board, on the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission, approved a concept plan and development standards for a business planned unit development on the property (Resolution No. R-18-242).  The concept plan envisioned a master planned mixed-use development including non-residential and multi-family residential components of varying use and density.

The concept plan's multi-family residential component was located in Quadrant #4 (west of Gilmer Road between Ellis Drive and Harmony Road).  The concept plan and development standards envisioned a traditional multi-family development with up to 20 units per acre in 3- or 4-story buildings.

About the Development

Redwood's proposed development includes 132 for-rent, single-family attached dwelling units (townhomes) and a leasing center.


  • 132 for-rent, single family attached dwelling units (townhomes) and a leasing center
  • 25 single-story buildings (1 - 3-unit, 8 - 4-unit, 4 - 5-unit, 8 - 6-unit, 3 - 7-unit, and 1 - 8-unit)
  • private streets (22' wide with 4' integral sidewalk on one side; maintained by Redwood)
  • 23.38 acres of green space, including 7.76 acres of detention and 7.32 acres of wetlands


  • 5 unit types ranging from 1,294 sq. ft. - 1,620 sq. ft.
  • 2-car garages (attached) with 2 driveway parking spaces
  • private entrances and patios and/or porches
  • automatic fire sprinklers
  • on-site leasing and property manager


  • single-story buildings
  • masonry (stone) on all elevations (full-height on front; partial-height on sides and rear) 
  • vinyl siding (lap and shake) and trim (frieze boards, corner boards, and window casings).
  • architectural shingles
  • windows in top panel of garage doors
  • photocell-controlled exterior light fixtures (barn light style)


  • landscape berms along site perimeter
  • extensive site landscaping (250 shade trees, 119 evergreen trees, 563 shrubs)
  • plantings (perennials and grasses) at front elevation of each unit
  • maintenance and restoration of existing small woodland area along west portion of south property line
  • irrigation system
  • fountains in detention ponds


  • 4 detention areas (7.76 acres) handle stormwater from the development and tributary areas
  • 2 wetlands (7.32 acres) accommodate additional stormwater


  • access off Ellis Drive (Village extending Ellis Drive from Gilmer Road to US Route 12)
  • emergency access (gated) off Harmony Road
  • NO ACCESS off Harmony Road or Gilmer Road (existing access stub to be removed)

Estimated Population

  • 263 residents (Volo formula) / 218 residents (Redwood average)
  • 23 school-age children (Volo formula) / 15 school-age children (Redwood average)

Taxes / Fees

  • projected assessed value of $5 million at build-out
  • projected property taxes, by district, at current tax rate (10.235280):

    • Wauconda Community Unit School District #118 - $338,572.45
    • Village of Volo - $37,226.25
    • Wauconda Fire District - $33,316.90
    • Lake County - $29,901.35
    • Wauconda Library District - $21,935.60
    • Wauconda Township - $16,555.05
    • College of Lake County - $14,483.55
    • Lakes Region Sanitary District - $10,681.95
    • Lake County Forest Preserve District - $9,090.90
    • Total - $511,764.00
  • projected impact fees to other districts

    • Wauconda Community Unit School District #118 - $88,704
    • Wauconda Fire District - $33,000
    • Wauconda Library District - $19,800

Community Benefit

  • extension of Ellis Drive (Redwood responsible for approximately 25% of cost)
  • extension of water and sanitary sewer mains along Ellis Drive (to Redwood property line)
  • private streets (maintained by Redwood)

If you have any comments or questions regarding the proposed development, please click here to submit your feedback.