Commercial Garbage Franchise

Commercial Garbage Franchise FAQ

The following frequently asked questions are intended to give local businesses a better understanding of the Village's commercial garbage franchise and exclusive contract with Flood Brothers:

1. What is a commercial garbage franchise?

A commercial garbage franchise is an exclusive contract awarded by the Village to a private waste hauler for the collection of garbage, recyclable materials, and organic materials from commercial customers within the Village.
2. Who is included in the commercial franchise?

Any commercial, industrial, or institutional property or multi-family residential property with greater than eight (8) units will be required to obtain garbage and recycling services through Flood Brothers as of January 1, 2024; 
single-family households and home-based businesses are not included.

3. What is the term of the commercial garbage franchise?

The term of the franchise begins on January 1st, 2024 and ends on April 30th, 2029.

4. What are the services offered under the proposed commercial garbage franchise?

Under the franchise, Flood Brothers will provide garbage, recycling, and organics (yard waste/food scrap) collection.  FREE recycling is included - one (1) recycling container (up to four cubic yards in size) will be collected once a week at no charge with garbage service.  Additional recycling options are available for an additional monthly charge.

5. Why should I recycle?

Recycling reduces the amount of material you throw in your garbage container.  Less garbage may allow you to reduce your container size and/or pick-up frequency.  The result is lower costs overall.  For example, a business with twice-weekly service (1 cubic yard container) could potentially save up to $324 a year by utilizing a free recycling container and moving to once weekly service.

6. Can I select my container size and pick-up frequency?

Yes.  Each business will be able to work with Flood Brothers to choose the options that best meet their needs.

7. What are the rates under the commercial garbage franchise?

Flood Brothers Rate Sheet

Under the commercial franchise, the rate listed is the rate you will pay.  The contract prohibits additional fees or surcharges (environmental, fuel, etc.), except for those provided for in the contract.

The rates listed will increase 3.% on January 1, 2024, and then 3% - 5.5% (based on CPI) each May 1 thereafter.

8. Will I still have a contract?

Yes.  Each business will enter into a contract with Flood Brothers under the terms of the Village's franchise.

9. Who will bill me for service?

Flood Brothers will be responsible for billing you directly each month.

10. What if my current contract expires before or after the start of the franchise?

Until the franchise begins (January 1st, 2024), businesses may contract with any waste hauler for garbage and recycling services.  Haulers will be required to terminate any existing contracts without customer penalty at the start of the franchise.

11. How do I set up service with Flood Brothers?

Contact Patricia Gurrola at (630) 261-0400 ext. 216 or to set up service.

12. Will I receive a new container?

Yes.  Prior to the start of service, Flood Brothers will coordinate delivery of garbage and recycling containers.

13. Who will I call with service problems?

You will call Flood Brothers to report any service problems, request an additional pick-up, or modify your services.
14. Will this franchise impact the current residential garbage franchise with Groot?

No.  The residential and commercial garbage franchises are independent of and will have no direct impact on one another.