Public Works Information

Winter Season Information

Each winter season, the Village coordinates snow and ice removal operations for its 21.5 miles of streets.

Public Works crews plow Lancaster Falls, Autumn Grove, and Symphony Meadows while Grant Township plows Terra Springs and Remington Pointe.

Who Plows My Street?

Village of Volo

  • Village Streets (except private / non-dedicated streets)
  • Village Hall Parking Lot

Grant Township

  • Nippersink Rd
  • Molidor Rd (Kelly Lane to Fish Lake Rd)
  • Fish Lake Rd (Molidor Rd to Route 120)

Wauconda Township

  • Fisher Rd

Lake County Division of Transportation

  • Gilmer Rd

Illinois Division of Transportation

  • Route 12
  • Route 60
  • Route 120

Sidewalks, Driveways & Fire Hydrants

Pursuant to Village Ordinance, property owners are required to clear sidewalks of snow and ice within 24 hours of a snowfall.

When clearing driveways, pile snow to the right of the driveway when facing the street to limit the snow thrown back by plows.  Village Ordinance prohibits dumping snow in the street when clearing sidewalks and driveways. 

Residents are asked to remove snow and ice around fire hydrants so they are clear and accessible to emergency fire crews. Your cooperation ensures the safety of our community.

Spring/Summer Season Information

Parkway Tree Trimming/Replacement/Maintenance

Trimming of parkway trees takes place on a 2 to 3-year cycle with the exception of tree branches which are overhanging sidewalks and impeding pedestrians. If you notice a tree branch in need of immediate assistance, you can fill out a request for service form here and public works will address it.

The Public Works Department does periodic checks of the health of parkway trees throughout the village. If a tree is found to be non-viable and is removed, the location of the tree is added to a list for replacement. Due to the cost and labor involved with tree replacement, this list continues to grow until it reaches a threshold in which doing a round of tree replacement is cost effective. If a resident wishes to more immediately replace a parkway tree on their own, they are encouraged to take advantage of the 50/50 tree program offered by the Village. Details for this program can be found here

Just as residents are responsible for maintenance of the grassy area in the parkway, they are also responsible for maintenance of the trees in their parkway. If any landscaping work is done around the tree, such as adding mulch, residents are asked to keep the health of the tree in mind. Actions such as adding too much mulch to the tree bed can impact the health of a young tree. 

Mosquito Abatement

The Village sprays weekly for mosquitoes on Thursday evenings (weather permitting) throughout the summer.  Spraying does not pose a risk to residents; however, those with odor or chemical sensitivities may want to keep their windows and doors closed on spray dates. 

For more information on the materials used, please contact Clarke at (800) 942-2555.

Street Sweeping

Streets in the village are swept 6 times a year from April to October. The first two sweeps are done in early spring to remove road salt from the winter. The last two are kept for late fall when leaves have fallen from trees.